Figma Plugin - Run GitHub Actions workflows

Figma Plugin - Run GitHub Actions workflows

Run GitHub Actions workflows from Figma sending the selected page and all selected nodes as inputs.




Setup on Figma is straightforward. You just need to setup a new workflow clicking on the + button. You'll need a GitHub Access Token to run workflows.

After that, you can select a page and one or more nodes from that page and click on . This will run the selected workflow, passing your selection as workflow' inputs.


Before running a workflow for the first time, you'll need to properly setup a GitHub Actions workflow 😃.

The GitHub Actions workflow needs to have a set of inputs (the same that the plugin will send):

        description: Figma file key
        type: string
        required: true
        description: Stringified selected page (id, name)
        type: string
        default: '{}'
        required: true
        description: Stringified array of the selected nodes (id, name)
        type: string
        default: '[]'
        required: true

Aside from this, you'll just need to configure the workflow as you prefer.

Checkout a working example from-figma.yaml.

As you can see inside the above example, you can also transform/manipulate the received inputs in order to shape them as you want.

Figma Export PDFs

What do you think about exporting Figma content as PDF to an FTP Server, just clicking a button from Figma? Would it be cool, isn't it?

Take a look at this workflow and find out how this is totally feasible. Just clone the workflow and setup this Figma plugin 😉